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Admission to a veterinary school

The admission into one of the four French veterinary school is possible after passing a competitive national entrance exam after two (or more) years of study after obtaining the Baccalaureate (the French high school diploma). The vast majority of students who are admitted have obtained a baccalaureate in sciences (main topics: mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry, French and a foreign language). The entrance exams for French veterinary schools are national, open to all students with the necessary prerequisites, regardless of their social or geographical origin.

Six paths to enter a French Veterinary School

Information about the entrance examination Office of Agriculture and Veterinary Entrance Examinations

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Each year, a total of 548 students are recruited for the four veterinary schools: Alfort, Lyon, Nantes and Toulouse. The number of students admitted is set annually by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Six paths exist to enter one of the Veterinary Schools in France:

• Exam A is open to students after two years in BCPST preparatory classes in a secondary school (plant, animal and cell biology, chemistry, physics, geology, computer science; a foreign language. See the BCPST program in appendix 9.1). Students who pass this competitive examination represent 80.34% of those admitted.

• Exam A TB is intended for students in «technology and biology» preparatory classes recruiting students with a Baccalaureate in technological Sciences and Laboratory Technology series (STL biochemistry or bioengineering specialty) or Science and Agricultural and Life Technology series (STAV). The program is the same as the exam A after adding biochemistry and biology techniques and geography. Students who pass this exam represent 1.71% of those admitted.

• Exam B is for university students enrolled in the 3rd year of a scientific bachelor program in fields related to life sciences. The exams cover animal, plant cellular and molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, mathematics and a foreign language. Students who pass this exam represent 9.40% of students admitted.

• Exam C is designed to recruit students holding the following university degrees: DUT specialty in Biological Engineering/Applied Biology; some BTS or BTSA. Students who pass this exam represent 7.69% of those admitted.

• Exam D is open to holders of the state doctorate of medicine, doctor of pharmacy, doctor of dental surgery degree or a national diploma predominantly in biology conferring the level of master. In addition to the proof of eligibility based on an activity report and motivation, candidates are selected after interview. Students who pass this exam represent 0.86% of those admitted.

• Exam E is intended for students of the Ecoles Normales Superieures of Cachan and Lyon who also successfully completed the competitive exam for veterinary schools.