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Initial training

Successful completion of the entrance exam allows a student to register in one of the four French veterinary schools and to obtain an initial training in veterinary medicine.
The five years of full-time theoretical and practical teaching is characterised by a strong link between clinical and research training.
The initial training period is comprised of two phases: the first, the core curriculum and the second, a year of pre-specialisation.

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Term starts in September and finishes at the end of June, with three holiday periods: two weeks at Christmas, one week in the Spring and two months in the Summer.
Starting at the end of the third year and up until the end of the fifth year, the school organises ‘on-call’ weeks at the small animal hospital (emergencies and hospitalisations) which are performed during the holiday periods and represent two weeks per student per year.

Four years of core curriculum

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The core curriculum spans four years. The program is identical for all students and is divided into eight semesters, the last two being mostly devoted to clinical training.
The completion of the core curriculum leads to the Diploma of Fundamental Veterinary Studies (Diplôme d’Etudes Fondamentales Vétérinaires, or DEFV) being awarded, which is equivalent to a M.Sc degree.
During these four years of core curiculum, each student must validate at least 20  personal projects credits through internships, complementary courses, scientific actions, entrepreneurship actions or actions of citizen, humanitarian, cultural or sporting commitment. These credits are validated by a teacher called "tutor", designated for the student at the beginning of the first year, and allow an individualisation of the curriculum as well as the construction of a real professional career.


Fichier pdf Description of the four years of common core curriculum

Fifth-year pre-specialisation studies

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The fifth year is a year of pre-specialisation where the student extends and refines their knowledge. One of six options can be chosen by the students depending on their career objectives. The options are organised: either at one of the four French veterinary schools or in another Higher Education Establishment. Training to perform research is one of the options (M.Sc. followed by a Ph.D.).
Before completing the fifth year, the student must present a thesis of veterinary medicine which confers the title of Veterinary Doctor.


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During the initial training, students are encouraged to carry out internships in two ways: some are compulsory and fit into the curriculum and others are validated by personal project credits. These internships are a great opportunity for students to discover the various facets of the veterinary profession and prepare their professional project.