Centre for Biomedical Research

Preclinical research, fundamental research, ethics in the use of animals

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The Centre for Biomedical Research (CRBM, Centre de Recherche BioMédicale d’Alfort) is a centre for scientific research whose goal is to carry out fundamental and preclinical studies requiring animals. Inaugurated in 2008, this modern structure can house

The services offered by the animal laboratory include:

  • Training workshops
  • Performing experimental protocols
  • Performing experimental surgery
  • Housing animals in class 1, 2 or 3 confinement conditions

Each protocol is validated before being implemented by an Ethics Committee made up of researchers from industry and animal protection associations; this guarantees that the rules governing animal experimentation, notably in terms of animal well-being and pain management, are followed.

The implementation of experimental protocols is submitted to a quality assurance system which guarantees that the production of scientific data is of the highest standard.