Continuous Training

Practical information

Where are training sessions held?

Bâtiments CIRALE

The training sessions available in english take place at the CIRALE, (Centre for Imaging and Research in Equine Locomotor Disorders), located in Calvados, city of Goustranville/Dozulé.

How much does training cost?

The cost depends upon the duration of the training session and the materials, equipment and techniques used. The cost of a day ranges from 300 € to 900 € and for a week, 1100 € to 2500 €.

How to contact us

Continuing Education Department of CIRALE

How to register

1. Request a registration form by Email to
2. Pay for your registration by sending a cheque plus the registration form to the CIRALE.

Where to stay

We can reserve a room for you on the Center.

Please contact us : 33 (0)2 31 27 85 56.