In the fifth year, students undertake a year of advanced studies. Each student chooses an option corresponding to their career objectives; this can be carried out either at one of the four French veterinary schools or at another Higher Education Establishment.
The preparation of a thesis in veterinary medicine is an integral part of the fifth-year curriculum. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine thesis is required by veterinarians when they wish to work as a veterinary surgeon.

Clinical options

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The Alfort Veterinary School offers three clinical options:


  •  Farm Animal Clinical Sciences

This option includes four weeks of core curriculum; a long-term placement; two weeks of ambulatory clinics and three optional courses each lasting one week, to be chosen from a list of thirteen. This option can be performed abroad and admission is based on academic performance.


  • Companion Animal Clinical Sciences

This option takes place over a twenty-two week period at the Centre hospitalier universitaire vétérinaire d'Alfort (ChuvA) and includes a number of specialised activities. Students can follow one of four electives which include an additional two weeks of teaching and a six week placement. The option can be performed abroad and admission is based on academic performance.


  • Equine Clinical Sciences

This option is organized by three of the French veterinary schools (Alfort, Nantes, and Toulouse). Training takes place on several sites: Alfort (Maisons-Alfort and Dozulé) and Nantes.

Non-clinical options

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Three choices are available:


  •  Research option

Students can follow a MSc course (2nd year) within the context of a joint MSc at Alfort or at another university offering doctoral programs. A student who already possesses a 2nd year MSc can also validate this option by completing the first year of a PhD.


  • Veterinary Public Health option

After passing a national competitive exam, the students can follow the first year of the curriculum at the National School of Veterinary Services, Lyon (École Nationale des Services Vétérinaires de Lyon).


  • Industry option

Students can obtain a diploma for the industrial sector, organized either at Alfort (CEAV, Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Studies in management, safety and food quality) or in another establishment (Business schools, ENGREF (École Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts), etc…).