Enva overview

Missions and strategy


The EnvA school is one of the twelve French higher education and research institutions supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture.


In this context, the School falls within the scope of the “Code Rural et de la Pêche Maritime”, which defines, in article L812-1, the missions of higher education institutions supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture:
"... Higher agricultural public education:

  1. Provides training in agricultural, forestry, aquaculture and seafood production; processing and commercialisation of such products; agri-food and food industries; agriculture-related industries; animal health and welfare and plants protection; hygiene, quality and safety of food; development, management and protection of rural areas, forests, water, natural environments and landscape features;
  2. Participates in scientific development policy through PURE, applied and clinical research activities;
  3. Conducts research, innovation and engineering actions in the fields of education and training;
  4. Contributes, in collaboration with the competent bodies, to scientific and technical monitoring, technological innovation and development and to the exploitation of research results;
  5. Participates in the dissemination of scientific and technical information;
  6. Supports the implementation of international scientific, technical and pedagogical cooperation. "


In addition, the scope of education provided by veterinary schools is specified in article R812-50 of the same code:

"The education provided by the veterinary schools covers:

  • health, hygiene, medicine and animal surgery;
  • animal production and livestock economy;
  • production and control of food of animal origin;
  • the relationship between animals, humans and their environment and their impact on public health.


National Veterinary Schools are involved in research in these areas. "

Examen Notebook BCG Etudiants

School project

The specific objectives of the EnvA are defined by the School Project. The current School Project covers the 2014-2017 period and aims to continue and amplify the school's territorial anchorage and its anchorage in the national and international context of higher education and scientific research.


It includes eight strategic priorities, declined in terms of objectives and actions. The eight strategic priorities are the followings:

  1. Modernize the initial training of veterinarians and develop their continuous training throughout life, within the context of "Vet for health, Vet for food, Vet for the planet," according to a quality approach and by the use of today’s technologies and methods;
  2. Improve the visibility and attractiveness of research activities, encouraging and stimulating partnerships;
  3. Make our Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Technological Platforms leaders in terms of scientific competence, equipment, customer relationships and educational support;
  4. Enable students to promote individual and collective development, development of entrepreneurship and openness to others;
  5. Adapt the organisation of work and relational modes in order to optimize available resources, to ensure well-being at work and a sense of belonging to the EnvA community;
  6. Respond to societal demands, including developing a proactive policy of sustainable development based on social openness, developing student’s curiosity and self-confidence, being open to others, and making available to the greatest number of individuals the EnvA’s heritage, knowledge and skills;
  7. Encourage actions of scientific and technical support and actions of expertise in the EnvA’s areas of competence, by means of a better promotion, a legible presence and an appropriate communication;
  8. Develop awareness and attractiveness of the EnvA by an ambitious development of its local, national and international networks. »


The orientations of global policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and the School Project form the basis of the Objectives and Performance contract signed with the Ministry for the period 2015-2019.