Enva overview


The EnvA school is public administrative establishment led by a governing committee.
The director is in charge of the implementation of the strategical decisions developed by the board.

Organisation chart

Fichier pdf Organisation chart


The school is structured by fields of expertise, according to the organisation chart.

The school's committees

The strategic decisions are voted within the school's boards.
They can concern the organisation of the school, the teaching, the scientific research, or any field of the school.

Depending on their attributions, the boards can also be composed by students' representatives and external people.


  • The governing committee defines the overall strategic decisions of the EnvA school
  • The direction committee implements the school project
  • The teaching and student life committee directs the programms and the school's exams modality.
  • The professors' committee is responsible for the organisation of the studies and the students' assessment strategy
  • The scientific committee leads the research activities of the establishment
  • The technical equal committee and the hygiene and security committee guarantee the work conditions of the Alfort community.