Enva overview

Quality approach

EnvA's quality approach is a priority of the School Project. It is also one of the key elements of the Objectives and Performance contract with the line ministry.

This approach has taken concrete form over time through significant elements:

  • A clarification of the organization, concretized by a hierarchic and functional organization chart,
  • A reorganization of financial and budgetary procedures,
  • The implementation of teaching assessment by students over the last twenty years,
  • The implementation of a significant pedagogical evolution, centered on a competency approach and active methods,
  • Strengthening the support of students through the implementation of systematic tutoring,
  • A Real Estate master plan aimed at rationalizing the entire site,
  • An organization of research in two main lines, in favor of better visibility, especially internationally,
  • The development and revision of reference documents such as the rules of procedure and the students rules and regulations,
  • Drafting procedures, instructions and operating procedures to improve safety at work and protect the environment, including through the restructuring of waste management and the development of a Biosecurity Manual.

The quality approach is based on the following tryptique: to write what we do, to do what we write and to prove it, thus creating continuous improvement.
The plan must carry on in these three directions, in order to:

  • consolidate the organization and functioning of the institution for the optimal implementation of its missions,
  • ensure traceability and follow-up of actions taken.


To this end, the implementation process is guided by reference documents, such as the Fichier pdf quality manual and the process mapping (below).

Cartographie des processus - Démarche qualité