Practical placements

During their training, veterinary students must undertake internships in different professional sectors. A period of international mobility is also mandatory.

Institutional placements

Some extra-mural placements are integrated into the curriculum and are compulsory for all students. In addition, part of the studies are carried out in the context of an international mobility, either during a training period of at least 4 weeks or in a veterinary establishment for a maximum of two semesters .


Contact : ccolmin@vet-alfort.fr


The durations and the sectors of activity of these compulsory courses are different according to the years of studies:


1rst year

3-week internship in a bovine dairy farming.

3th year

One week training in a slaughterhouse supervised by a veterinary inspector

4th year

A 6-week internship devoted to rural practice.

5th year

Internship in line with the training objectives of the chosen pre-specialization sector.



Additional internships

Each student is encouraged to carry out additional placements on subjects of his / her choice. These one take place on free time periods and are validated by personal project credits.