International affairs

Foreign Students

There is a lot to see, to do and to learn about at Alfort be it through an exchange programme (studying for one or two semesters) or individually (for a clinical or research placement).

An agreeable campus…

Accueil d'étudiants marocains. Crédit photo : bruno Allouche - ENVA

The School at Alfort was constructed on a domain of 12ha at the entrance of what is now the town of Maisons-Alfort. The site is protected and has been able to conserve its green areas and its character within a town setting. It has the advantage of being close to the river ‘Marne’ and the ‘Bois de Vincennes’, which are two “green areas” where students can go to relax.
A small community of students, lecturers, research scientists, and administrative and technical staff mingle on the campus. There approximately 600 students present on the campus. The common motivation to progress in the domain of veterinary medicine and the compact nature of the campus make the integration of new arrivals in Alfort’s close-knit community very easy.

… on the outskirts of Paris

With easy underground, motorway and train access, Alfort is directly linked to Paris, a cosmopolitan capital, where you will always find something to do at any hour of the day or night and whatever your interests. The city the most visited in the world, Paris offers an unlimited palette of cultural and festive activities.

High quality teaching

Echange avec Berlin. Crédit photo Yves Milleman - ENVA

The Alfort school is a member of the network of ‘Grandes Ecoles’ and recruits its students from the finest in the nation.
Seventy lecturers, supported by clinicians, provide rigorous and demanding teaching. Amphitheatre lectures, practical work in small groups, farm visits, training periods at the fieldwork stations (Burgundy and Normandy) and clinical exercises are all organised to optimise the quality of teaching. On-line lectures and learning aids are also available on the student platform (EVE).
Teaching is reinforced by the clinical and research activities on the site.


Centres of excellence

The lecturers work in world renowned research groups which are supported by partner organisations (INRA, INSERM, ANSES…) on themes such as:

  • Locomotion problems in horses (CIRALE)
  •  Assisted reproduction in domestic carnivores (CERCA)
  •  Medicine in breeding and sport (UMES)…


A new university hospital

The CHUVA was inaugurated in October 2009 and is endowed with the latest equipment. It treats 30 000 cases per year, which supplies a vast amount of material for clinical teaching.
The students participate in different rotations covering areas such as: emergencies, hospitalisation, internal medicine and surgery. Specialised consultations (ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, physiotherapy, behaviour…) complete the picture.