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Merial Veterinary Scholars Program

Biomedical Research Opportunities for Veterinary Students

The mission of the Merial Veterinary Scholars Program is to expose veterinary students in their first or second year of veterinary school to biomedical research and career opportunities in research.

The Merial Veterinary Scholars Program culminates in a national symposium where veterinary students participating in the program gather from all over the U.S. and Canada to present their research findings and share experiences from their various programs.  Presentations by and networking opportunities with invited veterinary scientists, researchers and faculty members are also part of the national symposium program.

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Located near Paris, in a highly populated area, with about 6 millions dogs and cats (30% of the total population in France) Alfort Veterinary School has always been the largest European training centre for pet’s medicine and surgery.

This explains why Alfort is considered as the French reference and one of the world’s best centre of expertise in pet’s breeding and medicine.

Since October 2009, the pet clinics have been regrouped in a modern high-tech dedicated building, named “Small Animals Veterinary Hospital” (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Alfort).

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