Unités de recherche


Biologie du système neuromusculaire


Joint Research Team in “Biology of the neuromuscular system
(UPEC-INSERM-EnvA-EFS; Head: F. Relaix)

This large translational Team is focusing on neuromuscular disorders, from basic to clinical research, including pathophysiological studies, animal models modeling, tissue engineering and therapeutic approaches. Five main axis are developed:

- Molecular mechanisms regulating muscle stem cell development and functions, and interactions with the local and systemic environment

- Tissue engineering of musculoskeletal disorders using muscle and mesenchymal stem cells.

- Pathophysiological and clinical research of neuromuscular disorders, including myotonic dystrophies, macrophagic myofascitis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

- The veterinary geneticians are also investigating the genetic bases of canine and feline neuro-muscular disorders, with potential applications for both animal and human healths.

- Canine and feline models of human myopathies are also deeply investigated, in particular for the preclinical evaluation of unique therapeutic strategies, such as exon skipping approaches.



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