Unités de recherche


Biologie de la reproduction, environnement, épigénétique et Biologie de la reproduction, environnement, épigénétique etdéveloppement animal


Joint Research Unit in “Developmental and reproduction biology”
(EnvA-INRA; Head: C. Cotinot)

This unit is investigating the developmental mechanisms that contribute to the adult phenotype, their regulation by the environment (and the study of long-term effects of early programming on subsequent health and reproductive capacity. Four axes are particular developed:

- Functional dynamics of the embryonic genome during the early stages, interactions between genotype, embryonic metabolism and epigenome.

- Mechanisms of implantation and regulation of maternal-fetal interactions.

- Gonadogenesis and fetal gametogenesis, molecular and cellular mechanisms and impact of environmental factors on these processes.

- Adaptation of the embryo and the fetus to its environment, particularly to maternal nutrition through the placenta and epigenetic modifications.